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Commitment to manufacturing

03. High-quality materials

Selection of materials for long-term use

There are many different types of materials that form furniture, including wood, upholstery, iron, urethane, paper cord, and wire springs, depending on the model. There are three important factors that we consider carefully when selecting each material.
First of all, they have to be used for a long time while being taken care of. It is natural for a product to get dirt or damaged during use, so we want to make it as easy as possible for you to maintain it at home.
Second, we want our customers to be excited about both the time they spend selecting materials and the time they spend using it in their daily lives. We offer a wide variety of upholstery fabrics in particular so that you can freely choose the one that best suits your interior design preferences.
Lastly, it has to be the furniture that the more time goes by, the more attachment you have. We choose materials that you would like to keep using and cherish for a long time.


A hardwood widely distributed throughout the North American continent. The wood is light yellowish-white in color, heavy and tough, with beautiful tiger stripes on the straight grain surface. It has long been used as timber for furniture and ship. It’s known as the “king of wood” in Rome and used for whiskey and wine barrels.


Along with teak and mahogany, it is one of the three most famous hardwoods in the world. Also known as a walnut tree, it features a deep dark brown color. In the history of European furniture, from 1660 to 1720, it was so popular that it was called the “age of walnut”.


Cherry, along with walnut, is a hardwood that has long been used as a material for fine furniture. The wood is dense and smooth. At first it has a light amber color, but because it reacts strongly to ultraviolet rays, it gradually turns a dark amber color. It is also characterized by black spots and streak patterns called gum pockets, which are formed by resin accumulated in the gaps between cells during the growth process.


One of the most widely used hardwoods in Europe. The grain is fine and it has small flecks throughout which is the most distinctive characteristic of beach wood. The color is a pale pinkish-milky white. This wood is strong and resilient. Often used in masterpiece furniture with bending.


A hardwood that is famous for producing maple syrup. The texture is dense, the annual rings are not clear, the color is cream to white, and the surface has a silky gloss. As material is hard and durable, it is used for parts that are subject to strong impact, such as bowling lane floors.

About steel

Iron parts used for some chairs and table legs are manufactured by a Kyoto-based contractor.

About Danish cord

At enstol, we selected Danish paper cords made of three twisted strands of paper. Craftsmen realize that it is difficult to untangle during the production process of weaving by hand. We do this with the Danish “planflet”, a weaving pattern that increases strength and allows it to last longer.

About wire springs

This wire spring used to be manufactured only in Denmark, but Okano (the designer and craftsman of enstol) has worked so hard to make it possible to be manufactured in Japan for easier availability for enstol’s furniture. This is an excellent solution for partial repairs, as even if one spring breaks, you only need to replace the one. This wire spring is used in the “journey sofa” from enstol or for other repairs of sofas.

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