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Commitment to manufacturing

02. The structure easy to repair

Why should the structure be easy to repair?

We place great importance on the structure of our furniture being easily repairable. In our experience of repairing many pieces of furniture, we realize every day that furniture carefully made with quality materials can be used for a long time with repairs. And if the structure is easy to repair, the difficulties of continuing to use it with fixing it will be much lower.
“I want to refresh and use my grandmother’s memento of drawers.”
“The kid’s chair I used when I was little, now I want to pass it down to my child.”
We are constantly asked for furniture repairs. enstol’s furniture has full of ingenuity which is our experience in repairing furniture that has been used and cherished for many years.

Wire springs of journey sofa

Both the seat and back of the sofa have wire springs. The spring is not concealed so that it can be easily replaced in case it is stretched or broken.This is an excellent feature because even if one spring breaks, only one needs to be replaced, making it possible to do a partial repair. This wire spring used to be manufactured only in Denmark, but Okano (the designer and craftsman of enstol) has worked so hard to make it possible manufactured in Japan for easier availability for enstol’s furniture.

Easily removable seat

If our customers can feel free to enjoy reupholstering their chairs… For this reason, most of the seat of enstol chairs can be easily disassembled with just one screwdriver. When the seat cushion material becomes worn and uncomfortable, or the surface of the fabric becomes soiled or damaged, simply remove the seat surface and send it to us for reupholstering. The upholstery can also be replaced in different colors and patterns to match the interior design taste of the time

Sofa with wooden frame and cushions

All the sizes of “journey sofa” are designed with a wooden frame and cushions for easy maintenance. If the frame and cushion are independent, if any part of the furniture has problems, it can be repaired without going through any difficult process such as cleaning or replacing cushion covers, replacing cushioning material, replacing springs, etc. Same with the chairs, the cushion covers can be replaced as the taste of the interior changes at times.

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