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01. Designs you can love and use for a long time

journey sofa & ottoman

The beautifully curved armrests, the wire springs neatly lined up on the back, the combination of beech and cherry, and the slender, clean lines of the frame are reminiscent of Scandinavian design master Finn Juhl. The sculptural armrests carved by hand from solid cherry wood fit comfortably from the elbow to the wrist.

yu-dining chair

Sharp legs, boldly curved seat surface, and clavicle-like corners. It is a beautiful chair with clear traces of handwork.
While the overall slender lines are sharp, the gentle curves and round form allow you to fully enjoy the feel of the oil-finished solid wood.


Beautiful and light two-legged table. The name was given because the shape of the legs gives the appearance of sitting with arms and legs (i.e., limbs) stretched. The two-legged table tends to give a heavy impression. The legs of “SiSi” have a wide surface but are not thick, giving it a clean and light impression. The overall look is rounded off at the corners and sloping down toward the V-shaped leg tips to create a soft look.

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